Resurrection Sunday 2022

Easter blessings from PLFM President John Hall.

Are You Living in the Promised Land?

The Bible is full of God’s promises for our life, yet too often we are not experiencing all God has for us. If we are not careful, we will wander through life searching for a greater calling and purpose.

I Will Not Be Silent

I have been quiet during these troubling times praying and searching for the right words to say. I realized I will never have the perfect words to say, but God’s Word has already provided what we need to hear. We (Christians) should not remain silent, fearful the words we share are inadequate, but rather speak in FAITH with boldness and confidence sharing God’s Word (2 Timothy 1:7).

Time for Restoration

God has been stirring in my heart for many years—20 to be exact—about the condition of mankind. He has given me very clear illustrations of life with God and life without God. I will share some specific examples, but the message is sobering, challenging, and requires a call to action. The message is also full of hope, restoration, and victory!