At Promised Land Family Ministries, we strongly believe in the power of prayer. We realize not everyone can volunteer their time or resources, but everyone can pray. We appreciate your prayers for our Education Building, our programs, and the families we’re trying to reach. 

If you’d like to agree with us in prayer, here are a few things we’re believing for:

  • The entire construction process of our Education Building will go smoothly (from permitting to selecting subcontractors to the building phases) and the facility will be completed quickly and with quality.
  • PLFM will have favor with everyone involved and God will bring the right people to help build the facility.
  • God will supply all the materials and funds needed to complete the project so the ministry will be debt-free.
  • The addition of the Education Building will allow us to reach and bless more people–helping youth and families to learn about agriculture and, more importantly, experience the love of God to change their lives.
  • The PLFM board will have wisdom to operate the ministry.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and if we can ever pray for you, please e-mail us at God bless you!

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